About Us

The Wing is a network of work and community spaces designed for women.

The Wing’s mission is the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through community. We believe that the act of coming together in furtherance of The Wing’s mission creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womankind.

Nothing Is Heavy To Those Who Have Wings

Our Team

Audrey Gelman


Lauren Kassan


Diedra Nelson


Daisy Lui

FP&A Manager

Qiting Cen

Accounting Manager

Mia Merrill

Director of Talent

Penelope Luksic

Executive Assistant

Aneisha Shelton

Office Coordinator

Marianna Martinelli

Director of Member Experience

Frenchie Ferenczi

Director of Community

Yari Blanco

Senior Manager of Culture and Diversity

Helen Dally

Regional Community Manager

Bee Pollard

Community Associate, DC

Geneva Peschka

Community Manager, DUMBO

Sohana Islam

Community Associate, DUMBO

Kat Frey

Community Manager, Flatiron

Cass Alcide

Community Manager, SOHO

Chanell Garcia

Community Associate, SOHO

Annie Lloyd

Member Services Associate

Chip Perro

Community Analyst

Jenny Changnon

Community Support Associate

Alex Covington

Brand Director

Isabel McWhorter-Rosen

Social Media Associate

Maddie Boardman

Email Marketing Manager

Brittany Halldorson

Senior Director of Growth

Zara Rahim

Senior Director of Strategic Communications

Deidre Dyer

Executive Editor, No Man's Land

Laia Garcia

Deputy Editor, No Man's Land

Deva Pardue

Senior Creative Director

Michelle Shekari

Creative Production Manager

Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder

Senior Graphic Designer

Abby Carlson

Junior Graphic Designer

Rosie Naberezny

Graphic Designer

Laura McGinnis

Director of Retail & E-Commerce

Jane Hur

Associate Merchandiser

Melanie Altarescu

Chief Officer of Partnerships & Experiences

Emma Holland

Programming & Curation Manager

Hana Kim

Director of Partnerships & Experiences

Annie Olszewski

Associate Producer

Teryn Gray

Associate Producer

Giovanna Gray Lockhart

Senior Director for Civic Engagement

Grace Han

Civic Engagement Manager

Callie Marx

Brand Partnerships Associate

Kristine Keller

Partnerships Director

Alexandra Friedman

Director of Partnership Marketing

Arielle Silvera

Brand Partnerships Sales Coordinator

Allison Turner

VP of Development

Madison Warren

Director of New Space Openings

Maria Lombera

Business Development

Nora Cady

New Space Openings Coordinator

Megan Muir

Design Manager

Laetitia Gorra

Senior Interior Design Manager

Nicola Kehoe

Interior Design Coordinator

Jacqueline Rago

Director of Operations

Madeleine Budd

Operations Manager

Andrew Panetta

Director of Technology Operations

Liz Dean

Senior Manager of Training

Brandi Jackson

Regional Manager

Shana Steele

General Manager, DC

Deidre Davis

General Manager, SoHo

Layla Alter

Assistant General Manager (Events), SoHo

Shaquell Davis

Assistant General Manager (Facilities), Soho

Rae Wright

General Manager, DUMBO

Meg Johnson

Assistant General Manager (Facilities), DUMBO

Brooke Puleo

Assistant General Manager (Events), DUMBO

Nellie Choi

General Manager, Flatiron

Maddie Burton

Assistant General Manager (Events), Flatiron

Liz Kramer

General Manager, San Francisco

Georgina Oram

Community Manager, San Francisco

Andrea Campos

Events Curator, San Francisco

Kasey Rzepecki

Cafe Manager, San Francisco

Dani Dillon

Culinary & Beverage Director

Sally Park

Food & Beverage Program Coordinator

Cullen MacDonald

Director of Engineering

Lina Dorkhman

Product Manager
Our Press
  • “How The Wing is Reviving the Radical Women's Club Movement”

  • “The Wing is a modern take on a much-needed tradition”


    The women’s club movement was formed in the 19th and early 20th century by pioneering women who provided each other with encouraging community at a time when they needed it most.

    There were over 600 such groups in New York City by the 1930’s and over 5,000 nationwide.


    In 1868, Fanny Fern was turned away from an all-male New York Press Club dinner honoring Charles Dickens. Fern, a popular American newspaper columnist, explained that she was invited to “listen to the speeches ‘through the crack of a door.’

    One year later, Fern cofounded America’s first professional women’s club, Sorosis.


    By the 1920s, the social club wasn’t just for middle class or wealthy women. Working women met in groups under names like the Lady Flashers, the Lady Millionaires, and the Lady Liberties.

    In the 1970s, women’s clubs took on issues more pertinent to the times. The Jane Club of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union maintained a network of abortion providers, and the Boston Women’s Health Collective published Our Bodies, Ourselves.

    Written by Alexis Coe - The Wing’s in-house historian