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Our Culture Code

No discrimination. No Harassment. No Threats. No Malice.

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The Wing is committed to providing a respectful and hate-free environment. In keeping with this policy, we strictly prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind in our physical or digital spaces.

At The Wing, our Culture Code is the North Star that guides us toward building an inclusive and equity-minded community. It is an essential tool that provides clear expectations of how our community members make decisions, treat, and show up for each other. It states our values, informs how we bring them to life through our actions, and holds us accountable through streamlined support resources.

Every employee, member, and guest must confirm their commitment to the Culture Code outlined below before entering into our digital or physical spaces.

Our Values and Collective Actions

Recognition & Advocacy

We uplift the work of women and other marginalized genders. Whether visible or invisible, celebrated or unsung, the scope of our work is vast and all of it is valuable. As we build our businesses and careers, we remain mindful of the labor required from others for us to succeed. We uplift every kind of labor and create pathways of opportunity for others.

Because I am committed to uplifting the work of women and other marginalized genders: I commit to amplifying and acknowledging all of the work that is going on around me.

Empathetic Empowerment

We have a responsibility to treat one another with respect and dignity. We begin with empathy and empowerment as the crucial foundation to fostering safe spaces for women and other marginalized genders. In our digital and coworking spaces, we commit to cultivating equitable environments in which members of our community affirm each other.

Because I am responsible for treating my community with respect and dignity: I commit to treating people no less than how I want to be treated and respect defined rules and expectations.

Equity & Inclusion

We do the work of anti-racism. We center diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. Fostering equity, abolishing discrimination, and championing our rights are issues we must take on to access our individual and collective potential to be who we are, and to evolve and grow.

Because I am committed to centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything I do: I commit to actively examining my blind spots and commit to creating a space free from hate, abuse, harassment, or discriminatory behavior that allows others to show up fully as themselves.

Generational Advancement

We are working to advance our generation—and future generations—through innovation, disruption and challenging the status quo. Our mere existence is an achievement, but our success is tied to those who forged the path before us. Now it is our job to ensure the success of future generations.

Because I know we are collectively working to disrupt and challenge the status quo: I commit to contributing my own skills and resources to the community around me.

Excellence & Experimentation

We aim for greatness. Challenging society’s expectations of us along the way, we do not subscribe to the self-defeating notion of perfection. Instead, we believe in constantly growing, learning, and experimenting with bravery, curiosity and grace.

Because I believe in constantly growing and experimenting: I commit to evolution. I know mistakes will happen; I share my feedback but I don’t expect perfection.

Courageous Communication

We embrace courageous conversations. To grow together, we engage in open, effective dialogue by practicing candor, normalizing experiences that aren’t often spoken about, approaching conflict with grace, and leveraging feedback for growth.

Because I’m committed to embracing courageous conversations: I commit to engaging in open dialogue and express dissent with kindness.

Conscientious Self-Care

We believe in the intrinsic connection between self-care and success. Connection, laughter, and play are integral to our community. Knowing that time is a finite resource, we work smarter, not harder. We take care of ourselves and each other by building meaningful relationships and joyful environments.

Because I believe that connection and joy are integral to our community: I commit to building authentic connections with people I encounter.

Our Values in Action

We strive for progress, not perfection. We recognize there will be mistakes and missteps so we speak up when things go wrong, we ask for support, and we rely on three pillars of community development to enable our growth:

Team Member Training

Culture Code training for all Wing employees to ensure our team is skilled in value-based decision making, navigating difficult conversations, and following reporting & escalation protocols to keep our community safe.

Flight School

A comprehensive onboarding process, where members are trained on our Culture Code, Community Guidelines, and learn how best to engage with our offerings and community.

Reporting Mechanisms

Clear reporting & escalation protocols to help our community raise their hands when necessary. Once reported, our escalation process ensures accountability and mediation for inappropriate behavior in our community.

For the expanded version of our Culture Code tool, contact [email protected].