Our efforts to impact the women and girls in our surrounding communities.

Together with the support of local partners and non-profit organizations, The Wing is dedicated to creating programming, volunteer opportunities, and initiatives dedicated to the advancement of women in our wider community.

Programs & Initiatives


The Wing Scholarship Program prioritizes individuals who work in industries that are currently underrepresented in our membership and whose work supports the advancement of marginalized women and girls.


We are committed to creating space for our community to make their voices heard. We actively encourage members to take part in direct action on social issues important to our community.


We partner with local organizations and nonprofits close to our hearts to elevate and provide visibility around their efforts and connect our members to real projects in our local communities.

  • Group of Wing volunteers on a sidewalk
  • On left, person with clipboard and on right, white shirt with the text: midterms on our terms 2018
  • Stacey Abrams speaking and holding a microphone
  • Close up of voter registration form held by person wearing red
    Friends & Partners
    Stylized text that says girls inc.
    Large g in a circle with text that says girls write now
    City map imagery next to text that says The Legal Aid society
    City block imagery next to text that says N Street Village
    Blocks with the letters WPA and images of a child with a star, a heart and hands reaching toward each other
    A circle containing a maple leaf, a circle containing a thumbs up and a plant and the text: NYC parks greenthumb
    A D with an open door in it and the text: doorways for women and families
    Text that says black girls code. imageine. build. create and silhouettes of two girls on computers
    Person resembling the letter y next to the text: year up new york
    Outline of a bridge and a tree branch with the text: brooklyn bring park conservancy
    The text: when we all vote, with a check mark through the letter o
    The text: ignite political power in every young woman
    The text: girl scouts of great new york with outlines of girls faces above

    The Wing Scholarship Program supports individuals committed to the advancement and demarginalization of women and girls. Together we are focused on disrupting the old systems in place, and inspiring a new generation of women who lift as they climb.

    Scholarship application window is now closed.

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