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Stories for women
with something to say
and nothing to prove
The Magazine
A platform to capture the smart and defiant voices of Women everywhere.
The bi-annual publication is 132 pages of words, photos, how-tos, hexes, inspiration, and more. With each new issue, we strive to amplify The Wing's mission: creating community through diverse and thought-provoking content.
With features like
Adwoa Aboah photographed by Renell Medrano, in conversation with Simran Hans about GurlsTalk, skipping fashion week and being a mental health advocate | Barbie Ferreira talks authenticity and representation with Emma Carmichael | Aminatou Sow interviews Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley about truth, power, and Work with a capital W | Lorene Scafaria, the director of Hustler's, dishes on the details of the blockbuster film with Karen Han | Kima Jones – the creative powerhouse behind Jack Jones Literary Arts – discusses advocacy and representation with Judnick Mayard and we go behind the scenes on Lotte Andersen's body of work on raving as resistance.
Cover of no man's land with photo of Adwoa Aboah on the cover
Old style pale orange radio with yellow sparks coming out from the corners with the text the wing's no man's land podcast
The Podcast
A history podcast about women who were too bad for your textbooks.
Follow along with Alexis Coe, The Wing's in-house historian, as she shares the stories of the rulebreakers of yesteryear. From a 1930s Harlem gangstress to 1960s LGBT activists, learn more about these legendary women who refused to follow the rules.
Episode 01 - Madame Queenie
Starting in the 1920s, Stephanie St. Clair, alias "Queenie," ran a successful numbers game in Harlem, and used her wealth to advocate and educate the black community about their legal rights.
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