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The Podcast
A history podcast about women who were too bad for your textbooks.
Follow along with Alexis Coe, The Wing's in-house historian, as she shares the stories of the rulebreakers of yesteryear. From a 1930s Harlem gangstress to 1960s LGBT activists, learn more about these legendary women who refused to follow the rules.
Episode 01 - Madame Queenie
Starting in the 1920s, Stephanie St. Clair, alias "Queenie," ran a successful numbers game in Harlem, and used her wealth to advocate and educate the black community about their legal rights.
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A platform to capture the smart and defiant voices of Women everywhere.
The bi-annual publication is 132 pages of words, photos, how-tos, hexes, inspiration, and more. With each new issue, we strive to amplify The Wing's mission: creating community through diverse and thought-provoking content.
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Jessica Williams, photographed by Carlota Guerrero, talks to Mary H.K. Choi about carving out her own space in Hollywood | Mona Chalabi gets real about how motherhood affects women's bottom-lines | Elizabeth Warren reveals why she got into politics and her wekeend relaxation routine to Audrey Gelman | & so much more
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