The Little Wing is a space designed for kids to play so their parents can take flight.

We believe parents deserve room to spread their wings. The Little Wing exists as a support system for moms and families by creating a magical space for their kids to gather under the same roof for enriching programming that takes them higher. Advancing women through community with every little step.
  • Photo on left: striped desk that says "The Little Wing;" photo on right: large, colorful playroom."
  • Photo on left: stuffed animals on a shelf; photo on right: stuffed swan on floor with a wall that says "little".
  • Photo on left: miniature cafe stand; photo on right: stage with mini piano and guitar and table with chairs.

    Under our Wing

    Book a two-hour session for $25! Your little one will have an opportunity to explore their interests through a variety of weekly themes and activities facilitated by our Wingsitters, while you get work done upstairs.
    Partnering with local experts and children’s programming teachers, enrichment classes are $28 and explore topics such as music and movement, art, yoga, and early literacy development.
    Offering an opportunity to connect with fellow Wing parents and parenting experts, groups and workshops will give you the chance to build community and learn on a range of topics from sleep training to returning to work after parental leave.
    The Little Wing is open to members and their families (yes, dads too!) on weekend mornings for a chance for your tots to play.
    Costs for offerings at The Little Wing are in addition to Wing membership fees - apply for membership today!


    The Little Wing SoHo is furnished by the Crate&Kids line by Crate&Barrel

    Children’s library curated by Stories Bookshop
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